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first 2012 post - does that count as a subject?


2011-12-13 07:32:10 by JPRixdorfer

This is the face I make during christmas:



2011-10-28 15:07:32 by JPRixdorfer

I want something else on my front page, but I have nothing to tell you guys. So here's a cat.



So I'll write about Dubstep again, because it keeps puzzling me more and more. As I wrote before I am a big fan of weird noises and glitchy sounds, but never really got into Dubstep, while the rest of the world seems to get pretty wet over it. Now i've got a question for you experts out there. Hang on, I'll explain some things first and ask then.

Sometimes I listen through the music of some members here and it goes a little like this: They upload complete beginners stuff, mixed and mastered like they started making music during the last few weeks. Then all the sudden there's one Dubstep track that has great sound and does things that I'd just say the person isn't capable of, because it takes years of practice and understanding of how to combine synths with a dozen different machines.
Also, I've noticed that Dubstep producers accuse each other of "using presets" pretty often.

So here's the question: Are there VSTs where you just have to twiddle a few knobs around to get some bomb noises and stuff? Some kind of autostep? Or do those people just get a lot better all the sudden? I have no idea about VST, I'm a reason user, so please somebody explain this to me.

sincerly yours
J. P. R.

When I listen through the new entries in the audio portal it sometimes seems like every second upload is some kind of dubstep song! I don't like dubstep too much. Often I like the wobbly and filthy sounds, but I think there are many more ways to bring them up than in one! standard! same! bpm! beat! It seems like people here do want to try out things and sounds. Sometimes it just hits me, when I hear what kind of awesome noise some of you can make, but in the next moment they don't seem to dare a lot, because once more they squeeze it into the standard pattern.

I really wish two things. The first: I want to be able to make sounds like that!!!
The second: Dudes, there are more ways to make noise than in just one pattern. Please use those ways, don't give in to the fads!

Just needed to say that. Well, anybody reading it? What do you think?

Hi there, Newgrounds!

2011-07-05 15:18:54 by JPRixdorfer

While I knew of this site for a few months I just registered recently, cause I realized this could be a good place to share the music I make. I do all kinds of electronica, sometimes hard to describe, they're just electronic songs, sometimes techno or breakcore. From time to time there might be something completely off, like a Polka or a Cembalo Suite. The one thing you shouldn't do is to take the music I make too seriously, most of them are for the pure fun of making music.

Unfortunately I'm not too good making really phat sounds, I hope this will get a little better soon - I'm working on it. Just feel free to tell me what you think, like "you suck" or "you go girl".

You can go check out my youtube channel here. There you'll find more music and videos, some of them made by my brother.

I guess that's it for now. Drop by from time to time!
Yours truly
Jean Pierre Rixdorfer